Regional Capital Australia Congratulates the Federal Government on their Election 2019 Victory

Regional Capitals Australia (RCA) today offers its congratulations to the new Morrison Government after their successful campaign, resulting in an election win on 18 May.

Prior to the campaign, RCA advocated for additional investment into regional capital cities and we were pleased to secure the investments that will allow our cities and regions to become the liveable alternatives to metropolitan cities.

Regional cities around the nation responded by backing the Morrison Government – almost 60% of seats had swings in favour of the Federal Government. This included gains in the seats of Capricornia (QLD) at almost 11%, Herbert (QLD) at almost 8% and Braddon (TAS) with a 5% swing in their favour.

The needs of regional cities were recognised by the Morrison Government through a range of commitments, including those that will increase the connectivity of our cities.

These commitments included the creation of rail business cases from major metropolitan cities to RCA member cities Albury-Wodonga, Traralgon and Orange; $2 billion to upgrade the Melbourne to Geelong rail line; and the creation of a National Faster Rail Agency.

There were also commitments to assist regional economies through the Destination Australia Program; providing 4,700 students with $15,000 regional university scholarships and the formation of 22 regional study hubs.

The introduction of two new regional visas is also welcome, as it will require recipients to live in regional Australia for three years before applying for permanent residency.

RCA members are eager to grow and be part of Australia’s population story, as the increased population pressure currently felt in Melbourne and Sydney is simply unsustainable.

Regional Capitals Australia will continue to work with new and returning members of the 60thParliament and work to ensure our regional cities remain the investable, affordable and liveable alternatives to the major metropolitan cities.