Advocating for Regional Capital Cities

Creating vibrant regional capital cities requires not only an investment in infrastructure and services but also an investment in thinking – a strategic approach to the challenges and opportunities of sustainable growth. A commitment to strong planning for the future from all levels of government is fundamental.

Local Government Leadership

RCA seeks to bring about a collaborative approach to the development of Australia’s regional cities. Led by our nation’s local government leaders in regional cities, we work with all levels of government to keep the momentum of regionalism moving forward; ensuring strong regional capital cities means a strong Australia.

Using the collective voice and experience of more than 30 regional city mayors and CEOs, we provide high-level advice to the Australian Government on issues, trends and developments impacting regional Australia.

Our Strategy

It’s not enough to talk about the importance of regional capital cities without a strategy to shift policy. RCA creates evidence-based policies that highlight the current policy gap between regional and metropolitan cities. This includes:

  • Partnering with the Australian Government on the development of national policy, planning and investment decisions that relate to regional capital cities.
  • Using data to validate the economic scale and social importance of regional capital cities.
  • Providing a platform for mayors to speak with a united voice across the country and in Canberra.
  • Developing solutions unique to the identity and needs of regional cities.
  • Advocating for appropriate federal funding to invest in the services and infrastructure in regional Australia


As an organisation comprised of regional capital cities, we know that no matter how motivated we are it will take a network of allies to change real-world outcomes. We identify and cultivate relationships with key federal decision makers, universities, think tanks and community groups to build the momentum needed to tip the scale for regional Australia.

From direct engagement via delegation meetings in Canberra to using media advocacy to shift the public narrative, RCA’s aim is to influence our nation’s elected officials to implement effective policies that will build strong and sustainable communities for all of our regional capital cities.