Interview with: Senator Peter Georgiou

Senator Peter Georgiou, an electrician by trade and a successful businessman realised that the best way to solve the problems facing Australia was to join the politicians in Canberra and speak up for Western Australia himself. Senator Georgiou was elected in 2017 and often speaks up for regional Australia.

  • Why did you choose to pursue a career in politics?

To be honest I didn’t pursue a career in politics. I was always interested in politics growing up. When I started my business and started travelling around WA as part of my work, I started becoming more and more concerned about the direction Australia was heading in. So finally one day I decided that I could only stand on the sidelines for so long, and so I threw my hat into the ring and here I am.

  • What are One Nation’s key priorities for regional Australia in the lead up to the Federal Election?

Well look, that is a difficult question to answer. Before I started my role as Senator I would have said that the declining populations and the increased pressures being faced by Australian farmers. I never realised however how much farmers were doing it tough.  While everyone may be aware of the milk producers and the dollar milk situation, the average person in the metro is unaware that the abuse of farmers in regional Australia is rampant. It’s the egg producers, stone fruit farmers, vegetable growers, the list goes on. If your involved in agriculture there is a strong chance that the big supermarket chains are squeezing you into oblivion.

Being on the NBN committee I also hear a lot about the importance. For the metro poor internet may be an annoyance, but for regional Australia its life or death. Small businesses and our growers and producers demand an NBN connection that works all the time. If you can see the spot price of something when you need to, there is no point. NBN promised to reduce the feeling of isolation that is felt by regional Australia. That is a promise that is far from being realised.

So I guess my top priority is calling for a Royal commission into the activities of the major supermarket chains and their impact on our farmers, and secondly getting this NBN mess sorted.

  • What is the biggest infrastructure challenge for regional Australia? What does One Nation think needs to be done to solve it?

The biggest infrastructure challenge faced by regional Australia is overcoming distance. One of them is the NBN, the other is building and maintaining the road and rail networks that connect the people of our great nation. These road and rail networks are also the arteries of business. And their impact is felt more adversely in the regional communities than anywhere else.

  • Do you think regional cities have different challenges and opportunities than rural towns and remote areas?

Obviously regional communities face different challenges than rural towns and remote areas. And to be honest. Each town and community faces different challenges. They are all unique. What makes each town different and special also means that they also face different issues. Sure, NBN and roads for example are cross-sectional and are common problems, there are also unique challenges being faced by each town and community. That’s why there are no silver bullet solutions. If you want to solve their problems politicians in Canberra need to listen more before prescribing solutions.

  • Tell us what you love most about Western Australia.

What’s not to like about Western Australia, our great weather, our laid back lifestyle, our open areas, our beautiful clean city, our pristine beaches and our beautiful holiday spots.

I am a keen fisherman and love being out on the water.