Regional Capitals Australia Statement on RUN’s Clever Regions, Clever Australia Policy

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This week the Regional Universities Network (RUN) released their election platform Clever Regions, Clever Australia, Policy Advice for an Incoming Government – 2016.

Regional Capitals Australia (RCA) has welcomed RUN’s platform as both RCA and RUN have been advocating for the federal government to continue to invest Australia’s regional capital cities.
RCA believes those living in regional areas should have the opportunity to access to higher education without having to move to a metropolitan city. RCA advocates for this position because a skilled workforce is key to Australia’s regions remain productive, liveable and clever. This outcome is also an imperative outcome for Australia to continue to be competitive and thrive.

This is an excellent initiative by the Regional Universities Network and we look forward to working together to bridge the gap between regions and capital cities.

Read the full statement from RUN