RCA budget submission calls for programs to fuel connectivity and liveability

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RCA recently lodged a 2017-18 Federal Budget submission calling for new and existing funding programs that will allow regional capital cities to be connected and liveable.

Regional capital cities can play a critical role in the future prosperity of Australia. To ensure that the most is made of the opportunities available in regional economies, RCA has called on the government to adopt funding streams that will allow our cities to be:

  1. Connected – with high speed broadband, roads, rail, ports and airports; and
  2. Liveable – with local access to tertiary education, health, sporting facilities, arts, and culture centres.

In the context of the 2017-18 Federal Budget, RCA highlights that supporting the development of connected and liveable regional capitals can be channeled through the delivery of new and existing programs, namely:

New programs and priorities:

  • The regional city stream of the Smart Cities and City Deals programs
  • The new federal regional development policy
  • The coordinated delivery of priorities identified in the National Infrastructure Plan.

Existing funding for regionally targeted:

  • Infrastructure – Building Better Regions Fund
  • Communications technology programs – Mobile black spots and National Broadband Network
  • Jobs, skills and education programs – Regional Jobs and Growth Package and Innovation Investment

To fully understand RCA’s budget submission, including our 15 policy recommendations, download our submission.