National Alliance for Regionalisation

Regional Capitals Australia (RCA) joined the new National Alliance for Regionalisation for its history-making launch in Canberra, as a proud partner in this new alliance to help shape the future of regional Australia. 

National Alliance members include over 30 leading peak bodies from across Australia spanning business, health, education and regional development.

Coordinated by the Regional Australia Institute the alliance will focus on activating the policy goals outlined in the Regionalisation Ambition 2032 – a Framework to Rebalance the Nation

This framework aims to support more Australians living prosperously in the regions and is underpinned by 20 targets across five policy pillars.

The Working Group has already met to begin activating the five policy pillars:

  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Population
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Liveability
  • Productivity and Innovation

RCA sees the National Regionalisation Alliance as a collaborative call to action to the Federal Government on regional issues, as well as a tool to measure the broader success of our own organisations on advancing the sustainable development of our shared communities.

RCA has strongly supported the Regionalisation Ambition 2023 in the past by making a pledge that aligns to the Population Pillar. 

RCA pledged to plan for and advocate for a greater share of Australia’s population through the development of a national population plan that includes:

  • An accelerated immigration policy with distinct regional streams of visas;
  • Support for continuing education infrastructure and services that builds the skills and contributions of our community; and
  • Connectivity and liveability infrastructure that allows our member cities to be nationally and internationally competitive as the best places to live and work.