Federal Regional Funding Program Guidelines

Below is a snapshot of regional funding program guidelines for the two new federal programs: Growing Regions Fund and the Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program.

This analysis shows where RCA’s recommendations have been adopted across both programs.

RCA RecommendationGrowing Regions FundRegional Precincts and Partnerships Program
Funds to be exclusively allocated to regional communities: excluding suburban and metro projectsYes – capital cities excludedYes – capital cities excluded
Review the stated intention to allow State Governments to access federal regional grant programsState Govts ineligible for fundingState Govts can apply provided they demonstrate a partnership with local government
That the Govt commit to annual rounds of fundingThree rounds committedRolling fund – no open or close date
Implement a two-step application process to ensure resources aren’t wasted filling in grant applications with little chance of successYes – EOI and then full applicationNo
Guidelines should support the development of a broad range of enabling infrastructureYesYes, with the exception of housing and emergency management
Funding caps should set Federal contribution at between $10 and $50 million and reflect an accurate population planning statisticYes – $500,000 – $15 millionYes – $5 million – $50 million
Council resources should be used to carry out infrastructure delivery as an in-kind contributionNoYes – contributions can be cash or in-kind
Support for business case developmentNoStream 1 provides funding for business case development

Image: City of Karratha