Chair’s Op-ed: National Farmers Federation Put Regional Deals Back on the Table

This week Fiona Simson, President of the National Farmers Federation (NFF), put regional deals back on the table. During her address at the National Press Club, she promoted her organisation’s strategic document, Get Australia Growing. A challenge has been set for the Government; get the design and delivery of regional deals right, then deliver a record 20 deals by 2030.

Regional Capitals Australia has long been an advocate for this position. We have done so because we know our regions require support. We also know when our members, state and federal government, industry and community push in the same direction, great things can be achieved.

As Australia faces its first recession in over 21 years and looks towards recovery, I am calling upon the Australian Government to look towards our regions as part of the solution.  The task at hand is getting our economy back on its feet again and using the recent resurgence of our regions to lead the charge.

The NFF have joined a long line of advocates calling on the government to use the deal models to get more investment, more population and better services and infrastructure into the regions.  Other notable bodies who have, in recent times, also made this call include the Business Council of Australia, Regional University Network and Regional Australia Institute.

As we see those around us use COVID-19 restrictions to put tired ways and old excuses to bed, it is clear that these extraordinary times call for fresh eyes. There has been no better time than now, to use the collaboration shown by National Cabinet to recharge the deal models as a clear path of recovery for our regions.  Our regional capital cities are well and truly on the agenda, with people seeking to escape the constricting lifestyle of our big cities for the liveable alternative.

Like NFF, Regional Capitals Australia will continue to push for evaluation of the current deals and additionally request clarity around the program to ensure our regions know where they stand and how they can continue to grow.

Regional Capitals Australia Chair, Mayor Shane Van Styn, Mayor City of Greater Geraldton.


Molly Hurley, Regional Capitals Australia Secretariat
M: 0499 199 795